The Society has long been a part of making the area a nicer place to live. Its beautification work around the Granity area is easily recognised including the corner garden, the Fejoa walkway, the Community Orchard, the welcome “coal inspired” sign at the edge of town and the mowing of extensive areas of reserve land in the district.


We lease around 4ha of land from KiwiRail through the township of Granity and much of this is mown by our wonderful volunteers. We also mow the grounds at the Hector 4 Hectors picnic area. All of the mowing equipment is owned, serviced and maintained by the Society.

Community Orchard

The community orchard was started by an enthusiastic group of volunteers in the mid 2000's who wanted to encourage participation of the production of fruit for the community. Since then the Society has willingly supported the orchard with volunteers.

Public Spaces

The Society takes pride in the public spaces made available to our communities, maintaining these and beautifying additional areas where it can.