the northern buller communities society incorporated

As a charitable non-profit community organisation, the Society aims to foster communication, cooperation, learning and activities, which primarily promote the Northern Buller area as a great place in which to live, work, raise a family and enjoy a safe and satisfying life. It also aims to provide information to visitors to the area, promoting the regions rural communities and villages, which are rich in culture and history.

what we do



The main office of the Society and a focal point for the co-ordination of its community services. The Centre provides printing, scanning, laminating, internet access, CV and business card services as well as visitor information. It also produces the monthly Buller Bay Bulletin – a free community newsletter.


community mowing/ orchard & Beautification

The Society is dedicated to its role in making the area a nicer place to live. Its beautification work around the Granity area is easily recognised including the Corner Garden, the Community Orchard, the welcome “coal inspired” sign at the edge of town and mowing. Our amazing Society volunteers mow, plant and maintain around 4ha of reserve land which is leased from KiwiRail.

Community - Organisation Member

Granity Op Shop

The Granity Fundraising Centre building is owned by the Society but has an autonomous committee as an Organisation Member. It sells second-hand goods on behalf of residents distributing part of the revenue from these sales back to community groups and projects in the form of donations.  Check out our renovation of this heritage listed building here.

Recreation - Organisation Member

Ngakawau Swimming Pool

This lovely community pool complex joined the Society as an Organisation member in 2020 and has an autonomous committee which is dedicated to maintaining the pool and improving it.


hector for hector's picnic area

The Society took over maintenance of this site in 2021. It's a lovely stop for the travelling public with a picnic table and BBQ as well as information about the endangered Hector Dolphin that the town is named after.



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